The boot camp is FREE for all Product Showcase attendees. 
But seating is limited, so you must register for the Showcase to attend the boot camp,
and to be eligible for the awesome door prizes! 
If You Only Attend One Event
This Year Make It This One!

For ALL Flooring Professionals

Local suppliers will be on site to answer
all your questions about products and installation.

Belvedere Events & Banquets
1170 W. Devon Ave.
Elk Grove Village, IL

Tuesday, May 1st
8:30 - Boot Camp sign in
(No exhibits open at this time)
9 – 12 - Boot Camp
12 – 1 - FREE lunch for
Boot Camp attendees
1 – 7 - Exhibits
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7 Out Of The 63 Reasons To Attend The 2018 CFA Product Showcase...
...even if you have to swim icy rivers, wade through hot lava, and crawl over broken glass to get there:
Dozens of exhibitors!  Discover all the newest flooring products and technologies: WPC, LVT, Hardwood, Carpet, Ceramic, Porcelain, Stone, Laminate, Installation products, tools, etc.
FREE CEU seminars!
Installation demos throughout the day!
Food and refreshments served all day!
Free valet parking!
Lots of awesome door prizes!  You must register now to be eligible to win!
FREE admission to the Digital Domination Boot Camp!  Seating is very limited, so you must register now to attend the boot camp.
What You’ll Learn During the Digital Domination Boot Camp:
Why you only need 4 strategies to get a steady stream of the best customers online. Not 50, not 20…just 4.
How to simplify your online marketing, and eliminate tech overwhelm! 
How to create instant differentiation from competitors online. 
Why most online marketing services are a total waste of time and money for dealers, and what to do instead.
Why your website is causing you to lose a steady drip of customers to the  competition without you knowing it.  And a simple solution to quickly fix this problem without rebuilding your site!
Why online reviews are critical to your success, and how to get a steady stream of 4 and 5-star reviews.
How to quickly neutralize negative online reviews, especially fake reviews left by competitors, jerk customers, or people who never bought from you.  If this hasn’t happened to you yet, don’t worry…it will.  You’ll learn how to handle this nasty problem.
The one social media platform you need to be on which will send you the best customers. (After this boot camp, you’ll no longer have to stress about trying to be on 20 different platforms.)
A little-known online strategy which will give you a huge advantage over the box stores. It’s virtually guaranteed that none of your competitors are using this.  And most importantly, will get people from the internet to call you and come to your store ready to hire you for their job. 
How these strategies can totally transform your business and your life, and equip you to double your profits while cutting your work hours in half! 
How a dealer from Idaho went from $400k in revenue to (last year) doing $2 Million at 40% margins using the strategies featured in this boot camp.  
AND…how to kick the box stores where it hurts!
Matt C., ID
“The recession hit us hard. By 2010 our revenue was down to $400,000, and my wife and I were considering closing the doors. I began using the online strategies Jim teaches in his book, and it literally saved my business.  Last year we did $2 Million at 40% margins.”
Mark B., Il
(That's Mark in the photo)
"We love having Home Depot as our neighbor!  We take a lot of business from them using Jim’s stuff!”
Earl S., SK
“I’m working less than 30 hours per week, and I increased my revenue by 50% last year…business is fun again!”
Jerome N., TX
“Jim, my residential margins were below 30%. Now my margins are at 45% to 50%, and I’m booked solid for 3 months. I used to be a slave to my store, working 7 days a week, and I’d never taken a vacation. Now I regularly take 4-day weekends and several 1-2 week vacations each year. I’ve been able to invest my profits into real estate and I now own 7 rental houses, all but one are paid off. My home is paid off, and my store building and warehouse are paid off. Your strategies changed my life.”
Mike P., CT
“Our revenue is up 79.3% over last year!  Thanks, Jim!”
David K., TX
 “I made an extra $90,463 in one month using Jim’s strategies.”
Don’t envy these dealers…JOIN them
by attending the Showcase and Boot Camp
and learning the strategies to transform your business!
About Jim Augustus Armstrong...
Jim is an internationally known speaker, trainer and coach for flooring retailers, and author of How Floor Dealers Can Beat The Boxes the predecessor to Beat The Boxes Online.  In 2007 he founded Flooring Success Systems, a company which provides marketing services and coaching for flooring dealers, equipping them to double their profits while cutting their work hours in half. He is the Marketing Mastery Columnist for FCNews, and he produces and co-hosts the monthly FCNews Marketing Mastery Webinars.  He has been a featured speaker at Surfaces and Coverings. Since 2007, over 2,000 dealers have relied on him for strategies to make a lot more money while working less.